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    Eave The lower portion of a roof that extends beyond the wall.

    Edge Plate An angle or channel-shaped guard used to protect the edge of a door.

    Extension Link A device that can be linked to a cylindrical lock to increase the backset.

    Extrusion a) The process of producing metal shapes by forcing heated metal through an orifice in a die, by means of a pressure ram. b) Any item made by this process.

    Electric Strike An electrical device that replaces a regular lock strike to enable a door to be released by remote control.

    Electrogalvanising The coating of ferrous metal with zinc by electroplating.

    Electroplating The coating of a base metal object by the action of an electric current passing through the object submerged in a solution of a metal salt.

    Elevation An orthographic projection of the vertical side of a building.

    Emboss To produce a raised and/or indented pattern impression on a surface by means of patterned rolls or stamping dies.

    Emergency Key A key supplied with Hotel/Motel locksets. These locksets have a feature which, when applied, prevents entry by normal service keys, master keys or grand master keys. At all times entry can be gained by the emergency key which suits those groups of locks.

    Entrance Set A lockset with knobs or levers on both sides.

    Escutcheon A plate, either protective or ornamental, containing openings for any or all of the controlling members of the lock such as knob, lever, handle, cylinder, keyhole, etc.

    Etch To produce a textured finish on metal or glass by the corrosive action of an acid or other etchant.

    Exit Device A door locking device designed to allow instant exit from an area, by pressing on a crossbar, which releases the locking bolt or latch.

    Extension Bolt A flush bolt that has been lengthened to place the operating lever within reach of most people.