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    Facade The front or face of a building.

    Faceplate A front plate through which the bolt projects.

    Facing Any material forming a part of a wall used as a finished surface.

    Fatigue Structural failure of a material caused by repeated application of stresses.

    Ferrous A term applied to materials containing iron.

    Ferrous Metal A metal containing or derived from iron.

    Fibreboard Sheet material of refined wood fibres.

    Fibreglass a) A material composed of thin glass threads used for insulation. b) Glass fibres bonded with resin that can be used to manufacture a range of objects.

    Filigree Fine, decorative metal openwork usually diecast and used to decorate reproduction push plates and door furniture.

    Fireproofing Any material protecting a building’s structural members that increases their fire resistance.

    Fire Wall A wall extending from a building’s foundation through to the root which subdivides the building, in order to restrict the spread of fire.

    Fixed Pin Butt See Hinge.

    Flashing The sheet metal work used to prevent leakage aver windows and doors, around chimneys, and at the intersection of different wall surfaces and roof planes.

    Flat Key A thin, flat, stamped key, usually steel and usually having square-cut bitting on one or both sides.

    Flat Key Locker Lock Used to lock metal storage lockers in factories, schools or similar facilities.

    Flat Lip Strike A strike with a flat (non-curved) lip.

    Floor Closer A door closing device that is installed in a recess in the floor below the door in order to regulate and control the opening and closing of the door.

    Floor Plan An orthographic projection of the floor of a building.

    Flush Bolt A door bolt so designed that when installed, it is flush with the face or edge of the door.

    Follower See Hub.

    Foot Bolt A bolt designed for attachment to the bottom of a door. Usually the bolt is controlled by a trigger, which holds the bolt against a spring. Release of the trigger permits the spring to move the bolt into the unlocked position.

    Fore-end See Faceplate.

    Forging Shaping metal by impact or pressure. The metal may be heated prior to shaping.

    Framing Timber used for the structural framing of a building.

    French Door A door with glass panes throughout its length, usually with narrow stiles.

    Furring Wood strips fastened to a wall or ceiling for the purpose of attaching wallboards or ceiling tiles.