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    Rafter A member in a roof framework running from the eave to the ridge. Types of rafters are hip rafters, jack rafters and valley rafters.

    Rail A full-thickness, horizontal structural member forming the top or bottom edge of a door or sash. May be located at an intermediate height in a door, separating panels or glazed areas.

    Rebate A term used to define that portion of a door frame into which the door fits.

    Rebated Door A door where the leading edge is stepped.

    Rebated Lock / Latch A mortice lock or latch which has the faceplate and strike shaped to match the rebated edge of a door, usually the meeting edges of two door leaves.

    Regular Bolt A latchbolt with the bevel set to suit a door opening in.

    Removable Core Cylinder A cylinder containing an easily removable core assembly, which incorporates the entire tumbler mechanism including the barrel, tumblers and separate shell. The cores normally are removable and interchangeable by use of a special key (called a “control key”).

    Removable Mullion A mullion separating doors vertically within a door frame. Required for the normal operation of doors but designed to permit its temporary removal so the entire width of the opening can be utilised.

    Restricted Key A key which can only be obtained through an authorisation system.

    Restricted Profiles Profiles and broaches that are generally used in special keying systems.

    Return A moulding turned back to the wall on which it is located.

    Reveal (of a door frame) a) That part of a back bend that projects out from the finished wall. b) The dimension from the inside face of a door, when in the closed position, to the face of the frame at the side opposite from the direction of the door swing.

    Reverse Bolt A latchbolt with the bevel set to suit a door opening out.

    Reversible Bolt A latchbott that can be adapted to suit doors of either hand, opening in or opening out.

    Reversible Lock A lock with components that can be readily adapted to suit doors of either hand, opening in or out.

    Rib A raised ridge or fold formed in sheet metal to provide stiffness.

    Rim Lock, Rim Latch A lock or latch which is mounted to the surface of a door, rather than inserted into it.

    Riser The vertical board of a step. It forms the front of the stair step.

    Roller Bolt A spring-loaded, roller shaped bolt.

    Roller Strike A strike incorporating a roller at the point of bolt contact to minimise friction.

    Rose See Escutcheon.

    Rotor See Barrel.