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    Tail Piece a) for locksmiths, the sliding part or connecting link through which the bolt is operated by hub or key, b) for manufacturers, see Connecting Bat-.

    Takeoff The listing of openings and the appropriate hardware from a set of floor plans and door schedule.

    Tempering The process of heating metal, glass or other material to a temperature below the transformation stage, then cooling it at a controlled rate to change its hardness, strength, toughness or other property.

    Tensile Strength Resistance to a force tending to tear the material apart.

    Terrazzo Floor covering of marble chips and cement ground to a smooth finish. Metal strips are used to separate different colours and create designs.

    Thermal Stress Stress within a material caused by temperature variations.

    T-Hinge See Hinge.

    Threshold A strip fastened to the floor beneath a door. May be required .to cover the joint of two types of floor materials where they meet.

    Throw See Bolt Throw.

    Thumb Latch The small pivoted part above the grip of a handle intended to be pressed by the thumb to operate the latchbolt.

    Thumb Turn See Turnknob.

    Tongue See Bolt.

    Translucent Having the ability to transmit light but not a clear image.

    Transom A small window over a door.

    Transom Closer A closer concealed in the frame header with an arm connecting to the door at the top rail.

    Transparent Having the ability to transmit light without distortion so that clear images may be seen.

    Tread T he horizontal part of a step.

    Trim See Escutcheon.

    Tubular Bolt A bolt having a tubular case.

    Tubular Lock One having a tubular shaped case and requiring bored (round) holes rather than a chiselled rectangular mortice.

    Tumbler A component of a lock or cylinder which prevents operation of the lock mechanism except by insertion of the correct key. Tumblers may take the form of pins, discs, levers, bars, wafers or detainers.

    Turn Button See Turnknob.

    Turn Piece See Turnknob.

    Turnknob A device used to lock, unlock or retract the bolt.

    Turnsnib See Turnknob.