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  • Concept Access 4000 & Concept 3000

    Concept 3000 Keypad

    Security Monitoring

    • Up to 250 Areas
    • Multiple reporting formats for remote Central Station monitoring.
    • 250 levels of User access.
    • Automated Area control via Time Zones, Remote Devices etc…
    • Flexible alarm processing options.
    • Review memory stores system activity.
    • Expandable to over 3000 inputs and outputs.
    • Special storage locker security options.
    • Special timeing functions for financial institutions.

    Concept Access Control Card

    Access Control

    • Up to 250 Doors and 32 Lifts.
    • Compatable with all common formats: PIN, Magnetic Stripe, Proximity, Wiegand, Bar Code, Biometric etc…
    • User access permissions defined.
    • Stand-alone operation for “back-up cards.”
    • Time Zone option on Reader and/or Button operation.
    • “Anit-Passback” prevents abuse of access priveleges.
    • “Dual User” & “Card + PIN” options.
    • Free Access mode options.
    • Card and PIN proximity readers supported.

    Building Management

    • Control of Auxilary outputs from LCD terminals.
    • Automation of environmental control via Time Zones
    • Environmental sensors utilized in energy management.
    • Inputs from Remote devices utilized in control logic.
    • Timing available on all Auxilary outputs.
    • Special processes for lighting, heating and airconditioning control.
    • Access Control, Security & Building management in one products.
    • Modular design allows total system flexibility.
    • Expandable up to 250 system modules.
    • Monitoring & control of 250 Areas, 250 Doors & 32 Lift Cars.
    • Reporting options allow comprehensive Central Station monitoring.
    • User database caters for thousands of PIN code and/or Card users.
    • PC Software provides monitoring, control and database management.
    • Flexible printer options.
    • Enhanced LAN System for fast, secure communications.
    • Versatile timezones cater for holidays and automated control.
    • Clock and calender is Millenium compliant and caters for daylight saving.
    • User counting options for car park management, automatic area arming etc…
    • Backward compatibility with all Concept 3000 products.
    • Simple serial interface to Sreadnet Wireless reciever.
    • Simple upgrade options convert any 3000 to V2 or Access 4000
    • Price/ performance combination that leaves no rivals.
    • On-going product development and support from an industry leader

    Concept Access 4000 Special Features

    • Interfaces to Comm-Pass, Windows based Sytem Management Software.
    • Sophisticated Door interlocking features.
    • Option for tens of thousands of card users.
    • Zoned airconditioning control logic.
    • Enhanced building atomation logic features.

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