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  • Medi Alarm

    It is common knowledge that the life expectancy of men and women has significantly improved over the last few decades.

    Nothing is more important to us than our quality of life, especially the quality of the lives of our aged loved ones.

    One way of improving the life of those close to us is by providing someone to watch over them 24 hours a day. In turn we are comforted by the knowledge that someone will respond immediately in the event of an accident or illness.

    To provide this, the Medi-Alarm has been developed and nothing could be easier to use than the feature packed Medi-Alarm It’s just like a carer that never sleeps.

    Simply by pressing a wireless pendant that can be worn around the neck, as a wrist watch or on a key ring, assistance can be summoned within seconds. These seconds could make all the difference.

    Medi-Alarm utilises the most advanced technology available and is manufactured by Ness Security Products, an award winning company accredited to international quality standard ISO9001. With over 20 years experience, why trust the care of your loved ones to anyone else?

    • Easy to operate.
    • Light Weight Waterproof Pendants
    • Smart durable housing, designed to sit neatly under an existing telephone.
    • Programmable ‘Pill Reminder’ timer.
    • Programmable ‘Inactivity’ Monitor.
    • Supports up to 8 separate wireless pendants with individual identification.
    • Full up and download capabilities.
    • Provided with a 1.2 amphere hour standby lithium battery with a life expectancy of 10 years under normal conditions.
    • Complies with Australian Standard AS2999

    Medi-Alarm Features

    Easy to Understand and Operate
    Medi-Alarm is activated simply by pressing a Wireless Pendant button that can be worn around the neck, on a key chain or on the wrist using a wrist watch strap. This flexibility allows the user to be comfortable and confident in their ability to summon assistance when needed without being inconvenienced. There is also a ‘Help’ button on the main unit that can be used to summon assistance.

    Simple to Install
    Medi-Alarm could not be simpler to install. The unit is fully self contained and can be installed in minutes. Simply plug in the AC adaptor, unplug the telephone line from the telephone (Series 200 style) and plug it into the ‘Line In’ socket and using the supplied adaptor lead, connect the telephone in via the ‘Line Out’ socket of the Medi-Alarm. Most installation are really that simple.

    Community Feature
    Medi-Alarm can cater for multiple users as each pendant has it’s own unique identification code. This feature is ideally suited for small community and village applications.

    Powerful Programming Options
    Medi-Alarm’s uncomplicated exterior cloaks it’s powerful microprocessor that allows full programmability of all functions via the two buttons on the main unit and the Wireless Pendant. All of Medi-Alarm’s features are easily accessible for customising to suit individual requirements. One useful feature is the ‘Pill Reminder’ option which reminds the user to take their medication at a pre-determined time.

    Remote Monitoring
    Medi-Alarm was designed to provide the user with the ultimate in wireless protection and reliability and therefore peace of mind. Medi-Alarm summons assistance by transmitting ‘Help’ messages via the telephone line to a central monitoring centre. Notification of the need for assistance is only seconds away.

    Ancillary Devices

    Wireless Pendants

    Medi-Alarm’s real power is unlocked by this simple device. Operation could not be easier; pressing the button(s) on the pendant will activate the main unit and help is on it’s way. Medi-Alarm is capable of identifying up to 8 individual pendants (to a Central Station).

    Pendant Low 
    The Wireless Pendant Low Battery signals are also transmitted to Medi-Alarm when the battery requires replacement. The Wireless Pendant provides reliable communication to the main unit of in excess of 50 Mtrs (150 feet) in most applications.

    Inactivity Monitors
    Wireless P.I.R’s & Reed Switches

    There have been many instances where a person living alone has a fall or becomes ill or for whatever reason cannot summon assistance. One of the important features of the Medi-Alarm is in it’s ability to automatically ‘watch over’ the user via ‘inactivity’ monitor option. This feature is achieved by programming a remote device into the system to monitor an area for regular movement by the user. The addition of a Wireless P.I.R or a wireless Reed Switch provides Medi-Alarm with an ‘Extra Sense’ by monitoring the user’s normal movement. If movement ceases for a pre-determined period, Medi-Alarm will provide a warning and then initiate a call for assistance.

    Other Information

    We also offer monitoring for your Medi Alarm System anywhere within Australia. If you get monitoring we will program your Medi Alarm for you free of charge before we send it to you.

    If you have any more questions or queries please don’t hesitate to call

    PH: 02 49 685555

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