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  • Lokk Latch PRO Privacy and Security Gate Latch

    The new Lokk Latch PRO is the most sophisticated privcay and security gate latch ever devised.

    It is ideal for privacy gates around homes, townhouses, apartment complexes, housing estates, retirement villages, hospitals, schools, resorts and other public access areas.

    This quality, two-part latch can be operated and locked from both sides of the gate, and can be conveniently keyed-alike to most doors by way of a high-security, 6-pin lock.

    This stylishly designed latch is manufactured from moulded, rust-free polymer materials and stainless steel components. This ensures a robust, high-impact product designed to withstand the rigours of everyday use. Its uniquely designed latch tongue ensures smooth, reliable closure.

    In fact, the Lokk Latch PRO is uniquely constructed (mechanism patent pending) to work effectively in both residential and commercial gate applications. It is the ideal latch for deterring intruders, and, if installed accoring to pool safety standards, provides protection in preventing toddlers and pets gaining access to busy roads.

    The ‘External Push-Button Access’ component of the Lokk Latch PRO fits to the outside of the gate post (street side) for quick convenient key-lockable access.

    Unlike the standard Lokk Latch house and garden gate latch, the Lokk Latch PRO offers genuine interconnection between the two latch components so that the unique ‘gearing’ allows the latch to be operated and locked from either side of the fence! Both sides of the latch will lock and unlock simultaneously!

    The latch features special side-fixing legs for added strength and to help the latch adapt securely to most gate materials, such as wood and metal (notably Colorbond®)

    Lokk Latch PRO can be installed onto posts ranging from 38mm to 127mm, making it perhaps the most versatile gate latch ever manufactured.

    It is easy to install (fitting jig supplied) and requires no welding. In a world of high security, Lokk Latch PRO offers householders and commercial property owners a high degree of privacy and convenience.

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