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  • Tecom Access Manager

    The Tecom® Systems Access Manager™ is a functional, cost efficient access control system used for small to medium installations where access control and personnel movements need to be tracked and/or recorded. The Access Manager™ is equipped with the same feature set as the Tecom® Challenger, but without the expense of onboard alarm points and remote reporting capabailities.

    Titan Management Software
    The Access Manager™ features a built-in computer interface to connect directly to the Titan Management Software. Titan is an integrated security and access control management software application developed by Tecom® Systems and is provided with Access Manager™.
    Titan can be used to:

    • Generate user activity reports.
    • Manage user and Door control functions.
    • Maintain a detailed event history of all system activities.
    • Manage all system programming options.

    the Tecom® Access Manager™ is capable of connecting directly to a serial printer – this option may be used whenever Titan Management Software is not required. The Access Manager™ can, in printed form, maintain a detailed event history of all system activities based on event type. Printing of system events can be real time or set for time of day – so event printing can occur as it happens, or the stored events can be print after-hours and a shared printer can be used.

    Control Features
    The Access Manager™ can be customised to your specific requirements with the use of the integrated Macro Logic functions. for example, automatically unlocking a door during a preset time, and only if a valid user has arrived on the premises. This is just one of many configurations available.

    The Access Manager™ Accommodates the capacity to fully program 11466 Users. Each user can be allocated three levels of access – Door Access, Lift Access, and Alarm Control. Each one of these access levels can be restricted by one of 25 time periods, which include 24 programmable public holidays and daylight saving compatibility.

    Access Readers
    The Access Manager™ can control up to 16 access points and is compatible with with a wide range of access reader technologies. Any combination of Tecom® Proximity & Smart Card readers, 26 Bit Wiegand Readers, and Tecom® Pin Code Keypads can be used. An additional 4 access points may be added using the Tecom® intelligent four door controller.

    Alarm points and Door Outputs can be added to the Access Manager™ by using either the Tecom® Standard Input DGP or the Tecom® Intelligent four door controller. Up to 32 alarm points and 16 door outputs are provided by the Tecom® Standard Input Dgp, with the Tecom® Intelligent Four Door Lift Controller providing 16 Alarm Points and Door/Floor Outputs.

    Smart Card Reader

    The Tecom Smart Card Reader is designed to operate in conjunction with Tecom Smart Cards, the Smart Card Programmer and Titan Management Software. Together, these products produce a powerful and extremely flexible solution never previously experienced in the security industry. Now, the service provider and/or customer may program and re-program Smart Cards any number of times, and issue those cards to users at their site/s.

    No more having to order a pre-set minimum number of specific “site-coded” and “sequenced” cards for your site and experiencing delays of weeks. Just bring up the “User” screen in Titan and as Users are created or edited, simply hit the “Write” button, present a blank card to the programmer and the Smart Card is instantly programmed for that specific User’s functions.

    Pay Per Use
    Not only can the Tecom Smart Cards and Readers be used for standard Access and Alarm Control operations, now credit addition and deduction capabilities dramatically increase potential applications. The same Tecom Reader may now be installed on a wide range of equipment and configured to use the same Cards, except that User’s cards now require credits applied to specific banks which the reader searches for and deducts from. These applications can range from office photo copiers, vending machines, clubs, resorts and many more.All User access and credit functions, including the adding, deleting and veryfying of card credits, may be accessed through the one user screen in the Titan Management software, therefore making the entire operation very simple and straight forward.


    Flexibility in system design, configuration and features reaches a new level with the Smart Card Reader. Utilising Configuration Smart Cards programmed with Titan software, readers may be designated to operate as standard Wiegand, Challenger LAN, Magnetic Stripe format and even Stand-alone devices. This opens up a wide range of applications for both intelligent and basic access control functions.

    Credit Application
    The Tecom Smart Card Reader may also be configured to operate in stand alone mode and control any number of devices. This function also enables credits to be assigned to Users cards with credits on those cards being deducted by the Reader, purely on a usage basis. Credits or tokens assigned to cards and deducted by the Readers may represent any value. Different numbers of credits may be deducted by different Readers based on the value of goods or services provided.

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