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  • Woolube Lanolin and Ozspray

    Woolube Ozspray – 100% Australian – the environmentally friendly choice for superior protection, lubrication, penetration, and water displacement.

    Lanolin or Wool-wax has been around for centuries, but only in recent years have the multitude of applications for this naturally occurring product become evident. Lanolin was extracted from sheep’s wool by boiling the wool in water. When the pan was left to cool, a straw coloured grease would be floating on top – the wool’s natural protection and waterproofing. Woolube & Ozspray Products use this natural base for their exciting new product range.

    Woolube & Ozspray Products are available in two forms, a sprayable liquid of various grades, and a grease. The spray is produced in four grades, Industry Extra with more natural waxes for heavy duty applications, Industry Grade for general use, Fine for timber and furniture applications and the fine 300g Aerosol can for multipurpose use.

    Woolube & Ozspray Products are produced here in Newcastle, NSW, AUSTRALIA from natural Aussie ingredients, making Woolube & Ozspray Products 100% Australian. Woolube is not only natural, it is also non toxic, non evaporative and it displaces water, protects against corrosion, and has the exceptional penetrative and lubricant properties that only Mother Nature could provide.

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    Ozspray Liquid is available in a wide range of sizes from the large 20 litre drum down to a 300g Aerosol spray can, the Woolube Grease is available in 20 litre, 10 litre, 4 litre, 1 litre and 300ml tubs.

    Woolube & Ozspray Products protect and rejuvenate timber, leather, rubber, vinyl, plastics, shoes, boots, saddlery, harnesses, rubber gaskets, seals, irrigation plant, pipes and fittings, and is a lubricant for moving parts – especially in wet situations.

    Woolube & Ozspray Products displace and repel moisture and inhibit corrosion on electrical fittings, switchboards and battery terminals, uncoated welding, freshly machined surfaces, moulds, farm equipment, machinery spare parts, nuts, bolts and studs (also acts as a thread anti-seize), locks, hinges and padlocks, marine fittings and boats, wire ropes, turnbuckles, winches, trailers, caravans, campers, fishing gear, outboard motors, stern drive legs and is also a marine growth inhibitor and welding spatter guard.