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  • Woolube Greese

    Designed by nature

    WOOLUBE GREASE is a thick, tacky grease with high load capabilities that will not wash out under most conditions, from underwater to general usage. Melt and apply with a paintbrush for heavier protection/rejuvenation.
    WOOLUBE GREASE will provide excellent results as an anti-corrosive, thread anti-seize and general lubricant.

    Some common everyday situations that will benefit from the application ofWOOLUBE GREASE are –

    Anchors & shackles
    Battery terminals
    Boat trailer springs
    Heavy machinery
    Horses seedy foot
    Irrigation plant & pipes
    Propellers & skegs
    Rubber gaskets & seals
    Steel preservations
    Thread anti-seize
    Welding anti-spatter
    Winch cables
    Yacht standard rigging
    WOOLUBE GREASE packaging sizes – 300 ml tub,
    1 litre pail, 4 litre pail, 10 litre pail, 20 litre pail and 200 litre drum.