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    WOOLUBE OZSPRAY comes in two grades – Industry and Industry Extra.

    WOOLUBE OZSPRAY is a product perfect for use on all non ferrous materials such as timber, leather and canvas. It retains the same anti-corrosion and water proofing properties as the Woolube Grease but is more refined to allow greater penetration into non ferrous materials. Excellent for re-waterproofing all weather clothing, canvas, etc. Rejuvenates and protects leather, vinyl, timbers, plastics, etc.

    WOOLUBE OZSPRAY INDUSTRY preparation is a sprayable form of the famous Woolube Grease which dries to a fine grease film offering the same characteristics as the grease, as well as being an excellent fluid displacement, penetrant and lubricant in one multi purpose product.

    WOOLUBE OZSPRAY INDUSTRY EXTRA preparation is a heavier duty sprayable grease based oil excellent for use for more robust anti-corrosion protection and lubrication. Contains more waxes and therefore is more wash-out resistant as the remaining film is thicker.

    Some common situations that will benefit from the application of WOOLUBE OZSPRAY are –

    Auto rustproofing
    Boat trailers
    Golf shoes & sprigs
    Leather & vinyl
    Low / high volt connections
    Outboard motors
    Power heads
    Saddlery / harnesses
    Sporting equipment
    Stern drive legsTimber preservation

    WOOLUBE OZSPRAY liquid packaging sizes – 300gm can, 1 litre jerry & trigger, 5 litre jerry, 20 litre jerry & tap and 200 litre drum. 

    Woolube & Ozspray Products protect and rejuvenate timber, leather, rubber, vinyl, plastics, shoes, boots, saddlery, harnesses, rubber gaskets, seals, irrigation plant, pipes and fittings, also lubricates moving parts – especially in wet situations.

    Woolube & Ozspray Products displace and repel moisture and inhibit corrosion on electrical fittings, switchboards and battery terminals, uncoated welding, freshly machined surfaces, moulds, farm equipment, machinery spare parts, nuts, bolts and studs (also acts as a thread anti-seize), locks, hinges and padlocks, marine fittings and boats, wire ropes, turnbuckles, winches, trailers, caravans, campers, fishing gear, outboard motors, stern drive legs and is also a marine growth inhibitor and welding spatter guard.