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  • DS940Q Sensor

    You want the best protection for you and your family but the last thing you want is false alarms.Detection Systems continues to set the pace for the industry with its newest Passive Infrared Detector, the DS940q Quad PIR.

    The DS940q Quad Passive Infrared combines two quad element sensors which work independently of each other to eliminate false alarms and enhance catch performance.

    In effect it operates like two detectors in one!

    The DS940q is a wall mount, Quad Passive Infrared Intrusion Detector. This detector emplys two individual sensors which operate like two PIRs in one. Each sensor is processed seperately and both must activate to cause an alarm.


    • Dual Sensor/Quad Element Design
    • Easy to Install with Flexible Mounting options
    • 40 foot / 12m Broad Coverage
    • Look Down Coverage
    • Two Separate Pryolectric Elements
    • UL Listed

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