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  • Solution 16

    How many of your business associates, clients or suppliers have been burgled? Over 390000 thefts occur annually in Australia alone. That’s more than one robbery every 2 minutes. Often the damage cased by burglars is as costly as the goods they steal, and the resulting down-time and disruption to an organisation is immeasurable!
    Now is the time to take precautions against your business adding to these statistics.., the security of your investment can be as affordable as the cost of a single personal computer!
    The BOSCH Solution- 16 security system offers sophisticated electronic monitoring of your business around the clock! It protects all that you’ve worked hard for, when you can’t, making it one of the wisest business investments you ‘II ever make.

    Preventative security has never been more reliable or easier! The Solution-16 offers many user friendly features including a number of simple arming options. For premium security up to 32 of your regular users can be given individual operating codes up to 7 digits long, and unlike other systems, they can choose a convenient number sequence that suits them. All operating codes can be given different priority levels so that you remain in control of what personnel can and cannot do. Features such as Patrolman codes, Arm only codes, and Panic and Duress facilities have been included to meet the most demanding commercial security requirements.

    Operating your system on a daily basis is as easy as 1,2,3. Simply view the indicators on the codepad to ensure that all windows and doors are closed. Once this has been done, enter your operating code and press the AWAY key to activate your system. Upon returning once again enter your operating code followed by the AWAY key to disarm your system. For situations where you or staff members will be working back late or on the weekend it is possible to partially arm the Solution- 16. This means that you can arm the perimeter areas of the building while the internal sensors are deactivated allowing you to move around inside. To activate the system in STAY mode simply enter your operating code followed by the STAY key

    For the ultimate in worry free security your consultant can save you the time and worry of adding
    and removing operating codes simply by remotely servicing your Solution- 16 over the telephone line.
    Imagine a privileged staff member resigns at 5pm on Friday afternoon. Simply call your consultant and ask them to remove the relevant operating code.
    One of the most popular convenience features of the Solution- 16 amongst business users is the remote arming facility Should you forget to turn your alarm system on when you leave work, you no longer need to drive back to arm it, or even worse, risk leaving your premises unprotected. The Solution- 16 can be armed remotely from your home, car phone, or in fact, any telephone in the world!
    The Solution- 16’s Day Alarm function works when the system is disarmed and will allow you to monitor when someone opens the front door of a shop or when they enter through a roller door. This feature is again tailored to meet the needs of business users.

    Using the latest in microprocessor technology BOSCH has designed the Solution- 16 to constantly monitor its own internal status as well as many external devices which may be connected to it. Items such as the sirens, the back up battery and the AC. mains power will be constantly monitored to ensure risk-free performance. Should a fault occur, an indicator will illuminate on the codepad and the monitoring station will be alerted. Another unique feature called “Sensor Watch” monitors the status of all sensors which are connected to your system. Should a sensor fail to detect movement for a programmable period of time a fault will be registered and the monitoring station notified.

    A staggering 28,423 fires were reported in N.S.W alone in 1993. Imagine if a fire destroyed all your computer files, records and work in progress… Could your business survive the resulting down-time? How much profit would you lose while rebuilding?

    With the Solution- 16 you can guard against the risk of fire by nominating any number of zones for fire monitoring. Should a fire occur, a siren tone (distinct from the burglary siren tone) will sound to warn you and your staff members. Should your premises be unattended, the monitoring station will be there to dispatch immediate assistance for you.

    The Solution- 16 includes an area partitioning feature which can effectively transform your single Solution- 16 into a number of separately controllable areas including a common area. Normally, arming and disarming the Solution- 16 control system will turn the entire system on and off However when the system is being used in the partitioned mode you will be able to arm and disarm designated areas without effecting other areas on the same Solution-16.

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