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    Gable The triangular portion of an end wail formed by a sloping roof

    Galvanising The process of coating metal with zinc, either by dipping in a bath of molten zinc or by electrolytic action.

    Gating The opening in lever tumblers which permits actuation of the bolt.

    Gauge A number indicating the thickness of materials.

    Grand Master Key (GMK) A key within a master key system that operates all locks in a number of separate groups which have their own master key.

    Great Grand Master Key (GGMK) The same as GMK but usually consists of more than one GMK group. These are then controlled by one GGMK key.

    Guest Key A hotel/motel room key that is lent to the guest, usually keyed to differ under a master key group.

    Grout Mortar of pouring consistency.

    Gutter A trough or depression for carrying off water.

    Gypsum Board Lining Board made of plaster with a covering of paper (also called “plasterboard”).