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    Padbolt A sliding bolt lockable by a padlock.

    Padlock A small, portable lock consisting of a case containing a lock mechanism, a shackle or U-shaped bar that fastens into the lock case, and usually a key to open the locking mechanism.

    Panel A flat wood, metal or glass surface framed in either wood or metal.

    Panic Hardware See Exit Device.

    Parapet The portion of a wall extended above the roof.

    Particleboard A board of bonded wood chips.

    Partition An interior wall, normally non load bearing.

    Passage Set A latchset with knobs or levers on both sides of a door but no locking function.

    Patina A film on bronze or copper formed by oxidation verdigris.

    Patio Lock A lock designed with a push button or turnbutton inside to lock the outside knob or lever. When locked, there is no entrance from outside.

    Paumelle Hinge See Hinge.

    Physical Properties Those properties of a material such as specific gravity or density, electrical and thermal conductivities, and co-efficient of thermal expansion, which serve to characterise and distinguish between different materials.

    Piano Hinge See Hinge (Continuous Hinge).

    Picking Manipulation of the tumblers or bypassing the wards in a lock mechanism, without a key, permitting the mechanism to be unlocked

    Pickling he treatment of metal surfaces with a strong oxidising agent such as nitric acid, to make them chemically clean and provide a strong, inert oxide film.

    Pin Tumbler See Tumbler.

    Pitch A term applied to the amount of a roof slope.

    Pitting Localised surface defects on metals, in the form of small depressions, or “pits”

    Plain-Bearing Hinge See Hinge.

    Plug See Barrel.

    Plumb Vertical.

    Plywood Wood made up of three or more layers of veneer bonded with glue.

    Privacy Set A lock used on bathroom and bedroom doors having an inside button or turnknob to lock the knob or lever and usually an emergency function which will unlock the set from the outside.

    Project Keying See Construction Keying.

    Pull Handle A grip applied directly to the surface of the door or a fixed handle applied on a plate used as a means of pulling a door open.

    Punching The process of forcing a punch through metal into a die, forming an opening.

    Push Key A key which performs its full functions by inward rather than rotary motion.

    Push Plate A plate placed on the surface of a door to protect it from wear and soiling, as a result of persons pushing the door open.