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Lighting on the interior of your home gives the impression that there is somebody home. A burglar will always think twice if he or she thinks that there may be somebody at home and may go somewhere else. If you are going away for an extended period of time, timers are good to use. These can be bought from almost any hardware store and are very effective as they switch on and off automatically. Imagine a burglar outside you house and just about to break in, then a light inside suddenly comes on. There is a fair chance they won’t stick around! Exterior lighting is also very important for your home as you don’t want to be walking out of your house to have somebody lurking in the shadows, it is better to be able to see them. This is where light sensors are good.

You can adjust them to suit your needs and then basically not have to worry about them until it is time to change the bulb. Sensor lights are good for your house as it alerts you if somebody is on your premises and usually will scare off an intruder as they do not usually like being in the spotlight for all to see. Set it up so it catches people going up your path and especially the front door of your house, this way you can see who is arriving at night and also making sure you don’t open the door to the wrong people. Lighting in your backyard is also a good deterrant for would be intruders as a lot of the time they will use a rear entry door or window. If your back porch light is on or you have sensor lights in your back yard it basically defeats the purpose of them going around the back in the first place and may just give them the excuse they need NOT to go into your yard.