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Master Keying

Key control systems are available for all sorts of situations and locations, be it schools, public buildings, businesses or homes and apartments.



Secure your business with our range of leading products and services including master key systems, digital key systems and access control technologies


Secure you most valuable assets with our range of top quality locks. Key all of your locks to a single key, secure your windows and sheds.


Managed key registers, master key systems and on demand key cutting solutions. We are your one stop shop for all your keying requirements.

 A master key system provides different levels of access and secure records are kept by our company protecting your investment and enabling easy changes or additions to the system as expansion occurs.

To maintain your keying systems integrity, key duplication can only be carried out with your company’s official authorization. Each of the key combinations is identified by a specific registration number allowing a cross check to ensure the correct duplication authorisation is received. For your protection these key system records are held under tight security.

Master Keyed cylinder assemblies can be supplied in a variety of attractive finishes to match your choice of lock set or to suit existing locks. These systems may be installed in virtually all of the current or planned lock systems that your company may employ and can include padlocks, switch locks, cam-locks, display case locks, data storage cabinets, letterboxes and vending machines.

A simple example would be a small warehouse/office complex where the base level key is provided to delivery contractors for out of hours delivery. This level key would only have access to the padlock on the front gate. The next level would give access to the front gate and the reception area. The next level would have the front gate access, reception access and the warehouse access. The key holder may even only be required to gain access to the reception area and the warehouse but NOT the front gate. The top level master key has access to all areas. Master keying across different buildings or even branches can be accommodated.