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General Home Security

Try to avoid letting people into your home that you do not know or trust, if they do come knocking on your door deal with them through the door or go outside to talk to them. It is not necessary for them to know what belongings you have in your hmoe and where they are.

If you live alone try to at least get on with people next door to you, just so when you may go away they can keep an eye on your house. Or another alternative if you live alone and can stand animals get a dog or an alarm if you don’t want a dog, these are both good deterrants.

Try to keep an eye on what is going on in your neighbourhood, if someone you haven’t seen before is hanging around or looking suspicous, ask what they are doing or report it to the authorities.

Use common sense when leaving your house, do not leave a window open for ventilation or anything. MAKE SURE YOU LOCK UP! It is amazing how many people basically let thieves in because they don’t lock the front or back door, this is almost always a dream for burglars.

If you have been broken into once, don’t think it will not happen again. There is a fair chance that it will if you do not do something about your security as some groups of thieves will come back as after a while they know that you will get things like a TV or stereo etc. replaced. Always assume that people think it is worthwhile to break into your place, even if it is the dingiest place in the street most crooks know that almost everyone these days at least has a television and a stereo. Everything else is usually just a bonus for them.

There are many other ways to keep your home safe, this was just naming a few. Basically just plain common sense usually keeps your place safe enough, just not all the time unfortunately.